Five Faves #1

With this series I’d like to share my current Five Faves on a regular basis. It can be anything I’ve been obsessing over lately and basically a round up of what I love – inspirations, wish lists or just things that bring me joy.
The first edition is all about my current favorite Instagram accounts (beyond shopping hauls & banana bread – not judging!). So here you go..

Wanna escape from the real world and dip into meditative and surreal places? Then you should definitely check out this Instagram account. I could scroll for hours through this beautiful feed, which is owned by the New York based design studio called MUE Studio. With their series ‘Somewhere in the World’ they are “creating a minimalistic yet vibrant surreal world”. I’m very into 3D image design lately as there is something so calming about these images. Everything appears relaxing and safe – maybe that’s what makes it so popular these days. It feels like escaping from the real world, like being between reality and illusion.

I’m a big fan of all these retro athleisure designs & 90s magazine cover vibes à la Sporty & Rich. I find the aesthetics deeply soothing and fresh beyond Instagram’s mainstream boredom. Good Condition is a site about all things Recreation & Wellness with input and advice on how to get into good condition. I also enjoy flipping through their online magazine, which is available on their site, too.

Let’s stay with the good old days. This account is serving me with a daily dose of nostalgia. With its picturesque posts and easy-going vibes, ‘Nostalgia Killer’ puts me in a good mood. Who wouldn’t get nostalgic here?

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. Let there be a super moon or lunar eclipse and you can find me standing in front of the window looking up for a few hours.. No wonder this account caught my attention. Moon Lists‘s Instagram feed shows a beautifully curated moon-mood-board. The idea behind ‘The Moon Lists’ is to interview women to reflect on their last 30 days (so since the last full moon). It kind of inspires me as well to consider a monthly self-reflection or personal journaling.

We can’t travel right now but we can dream. And this account is definitely causing wanderlust. Palm Heights is a boutique hotel in Grand Cayman. Their daily dreamy posts absolutely meet my design aesthetics. I haven’t checked the rates yet so I’m still dreaming..

Which Instagram accounts are your favorites right now? Please comment below – I’d love to know!

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