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Wanna join the Self Care Crew?

I’ve had the idea of starting a blog for quite some time now but it seemed that I never really had enough time to do so. Well, at least I always had an excuse… 

So blame it on life in quarantine where I’m at (or shall I say where we’re all at?) since 8 weeks. This time spent at home motivated me to give it a try.

Sure, there’s nothing new & fancy about a blog nowadays (so let’s see how many people will read mine in the end) but I’m actually seeing this project as a little creative space for myself. A space where I can collect all my inspiration, thoughts and memories. However, when I get to inspire you as well – call it a win-win situation!

And why ‘Self Care Crew’ you might ask. Well, self care in all its various aspects has always played an important role to me. Be it Health, Skin, Mind or Food – I’m never not trying to improve anything self care related. Now more than ever.

So I’m eager to share all that interesting and inspiring stuff that I come across. I hope you’re enjoying my self care journey!

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