My Beginners Guide To Start Running

If you’re following along on Instagram, you might have noticed that I slowly started a running routine. How come?
2020 has been such a rollercoaster for all of us and while I was pretty happy & relaxed during the first lockdown, I wasn’t in a good place during summer – mentally & physically. So instead of complaining and worrying, I put on my running shoes and just went for it. The biggest inspiration & motivation came from my husband who goes out for a 10k run every two days since three years.

My Schedule

When I started to think about a running schedule for myself, I wanted to have realistic goals without putting too much pressure on it. See how it turned out for the first six months:

I have to say that setting up small & realistic goals really worked for me. Starting with a 15 min run every two days was pretty simple to integrate into my day. It was just a 15 min investment which resulted in a real mood booster. 

Workout Gear

If you’re like me, you’ll probably get more motivation with some nice workout gear. Here’s some inspo for a running outfit I’d totally wear:

1. Sports Jacket: H&M | 2. Running Shoes: Asics | 3. Sports Bra: Nike | 4. Running Leggings: Arket | 5. Dad Cap: Sporty & Rich | 6. Watch: Apple | 7. Earphones: Urbanista

I’m already using the Urbanista earphones & the Apple watch which I can highly recommend. I need to listen to some energizing music or a refreshing podcast while running. Also, the watch is kind of forcing me to close all rings – if you know you know 😉

As I wanted to keep myself accountable I’ve started posting my workouts to Instagram. Maybe it inspires anyone else to start running? How about you? Let me know!

To Be Continued

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